Grady and Associates


Engineer Furnish Install

X-Ray and Other Medical Supports

Structural support systems for medical equipment including X-rays, lights, gas booms and columns, injectors, patient lifts, etc.  Ww work closely with design professionals, contractors, and equipment vendors to ensure a complete project.

Catwalks and Platforms

Supports for catwalks, platforms, stages, etc.  Using slotted metal framing components and grating.


Defined walkways on both metal and composite roofs for maintenance purposes.

Goal Posts / Floor Support Systems

Structural systems for equipment when the structure above is not adequate. These supports would typically consist of columns and beams supported from the floor.

Plate Installation

We saw-cut and core concrete for installation of floor plates for equipment.  We set, level, and grout plates (i.e. tables in X-rays and Cath-labs).

Telecom Grids

These grids support electrical and data wiring above the equipment.

Utility Grids for Infrastructure

Used in retail and other commercial applications, especially in circumstances where there is a reason that multiple connections to the structure is a problem (i.e. when structure is post-tensioned concrete).  Publix, Chick-Fil-A, Niketown, Atlanta History Center.

Safety Systems

We furnish and install safety systems (fall protection). Cable and rail systems.

And Almost Everything Else

We design support systems for other almost anything that requires support.  Vent hoods, millwork,  TV’s, projectors and screens, operable walls, toilet partitions, battery racks for golf carts, casework and overhead service carriers in labs, signage supports.


We offer consulting for structural suitability of previously installed support systems.  If new equipment is being attached to an existing support we will inspect and review the ability to carry the new loading and offer an engineers stamped conclusion.  We will determine if the support is adequate, needs augmentation, or if a new support is required.